BMW Advanced car Eye 3.0 Pro

BMW Advanced car Eye 3.0 Pro now with 20% OFF

Sheer driving pleasure comes with total peace of mind. With the BMW Advanced Car Eye, you can rest assured that your BMW is safely watched at all times should the unexpected occur.

The BMW Advanced Car Eye continuously monitors the surroundings of your BMW and keeps a safe record of any unusual activity. Featuring a high-resolution QHD camera on the front windscreen and a full HD camera on the rear window, the BMW Advanced Car Eye can track what happens in front of and behind your BMW even when it’s parked.

With intelligent radar and sensor technology, the system detects vibrations and strange movements outside your vehicle. It then goes on to automatically store the event and document it for your records.

Put your mind at ease and discover the joy of reassurance with 20% off the BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro. Purchase yours now.

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